Frequently Asked Questions

What video editing software do you use?

Our professional editors use a number of tools, but the most popular choices are Davinci, Final Cut, and Premiere Pro.

Do you work with 4K?

Of course! But most of the time, customers send proxy files so it’s quicker to upload, download, and to edit right away.  Do you need project files? We can send that as well just in case your team can make any extra finishing touches.

How does the "unlimited" offer work?

Revisions are unlimited so you can request as many as you’d like.

As are video requests. But it’s important to note that we work on one video at a time.

You can queue as many video projects as you like and as soon as we’ve completed one project for you, we’ll get started on the next one right away.

How much footage can I upload at one time?

Our storage allows 40GB, but if you need more footage the turnaround time for your first draft edit will be 3-5 business days to accomodate larger files.

Can we have multiple exports out from one main source video?

Most certainly! Social media is a huge outlet for videos such as Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, & Facebook. Just let us know in the form and we can set the proper dimensions.

Are your editors in-house or freelance?

All of our editors are in-house professionals who are regularly assessed for quality and efficiency.

Can you provide a refund if I’m not happy?

For all new subscribers, we provide a 14 day money back guarantee. That is, if you are not 100% happy with the work, us or the service, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. This is an industry first and essentially unheard of in the creative industry.

How many video can i get edited per month?

Some of our clients get 15 videos out per month – which works out at just $50 per video

Complex videos may require more time to construct and the time to produce them decreases over time since your editor will become more familiar with your editing style.

If you would like more than one video edited at any given time, you can create multiple accounts that come with a 50% recurring discount. Keep in mind the turnaround for your edit depends on the complexity and scope of the work required.

Do we get to own the work that is completed?

It's your video, your vision, so you own the work! We will not own any copyright for the work. We just want credit that we got to help you on your awesome video :) Give us a shoutout!

What types of editing do you do?

We can do the following types of editing:

Color Grading
Lower Thirds
Text Animation
Multi-Camera Editing
Transitions between clips
Green Screen
Audio Syncing, Mixing, and Editing

What type of work is NOT covered?

The only editing services we don’t offer are the following:

We can’t do animations
We can’t do wedding videos

However, we do edit:
How to Tutorials
Music Videos
Online Course Libraries
Drone Videos

If you don’t see your video type in the list above, please contact us and let us know!

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